About Us

The STARS Tennis Academy was founded in 2006 by tennis instructor and San Diego State University graduate Matt Seideman. After years of teaching tennis in San Diego, Matt had the vision of creating a tennis leveling system coupled with a fun leaning environment for players of all ages. The STARS represent our Standardized Tennis Advancement Ranking System. Players are tested with written and on-court exams to be correctly placed in the STARS Academy. In order to earn their "Stars" players must demonstrate the level of knowledge, training, success, and etiquette they have achieved in tennis.

The Academy is currently located in North County San Diego at the Crosby Club at Rancho Santa Fe. If you are new to the game of tennis, or have a child who is new to the sport, we strongly recommend private lessons prior to and during placement in our clinic programs. Below is a description of the levels in the Academy. We hope to see you on the court soon.

STARS Levels

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New Star

These players are beginners in the STARS Academy and new to the game of tennis. They require an encouraging environment where they can work on racquet to ball contact and can learn some of the basics of the game while having fun.
Junior ages typically 5 – 10
Beginner Level
USTA equivalent 0 
League Adult C Level
SSV equivalent 0- 59

I Star  (white)
These players have a basic understanding of the game of tennis. They know court area names, parts of the racquet, types of basic shots (groundstrokes, volleys, and serves) and the ability to demonstrate them. Rally experience is also required. Recreational and competitive match play is being introduced to these players. 
Junior Ages typically 7 – 12
Low Intermediate Level Level
USTA equivalent 2.0 
League Adult CC Level
SSV equivalent 60 - 79

II Star  (silver)
These players have passed all areas of the one and two star player tests and are ready for novice tournament or intermediate league play. They are capable of overhand serves, volleying, and rallying from the baseline with forehands and backhands for at least 10 times one bounce only. They know and can demonstrate some of the spin types like topspin and slice. They must also have knowledge in score keeping and can play both singles and doubles.
Junior Ages typically 11 – 15
Intermediate Level 
USTA equivalent 2.5 – 3.0 

League Adult B Level
SSV equivalent 80 - 99

III Star  (gold)
These players have completed the requirements for single and double star tests and are ready to set some lofty goals. They are familiar with most of the shots and game types in tennis. Junior players are often playing intermediate satellite tournaments and are gearing up for High School team tennis at Junior Varsity or even Varsity level. They can create all the spin types on their shots and can rally for 15 exchanges in a row from the baseline. These players have a defined style of match play.
Junior Ages typically 12 – 16
Advanced Level 
USTA equivalent 3.0 – 4.0 

League Adult BB Level
SSV equivalent  100 - 129

IV Star  (green)
These players have passed STARS tests 1 through 4 and often play sanctioned tournaments and league matches. Junior players may either have a USTA (United States Tennis Association) ranking or play on a High School Varsity Tennis team. They can demonstrate excellent shot technique and have a need to focus their energies on match based situations for both doubles and singles. They can rally from the baseline for 20 exchanges in a row.
Junior Ages typically 15+
Tournament Level 
USTA equivalent 4.0 – 4.5
League Adult A Level
SSV equivalent 130 - 159

V Star  (black)
These players are of the highest caliber. They have played and been instructed for years in the game. They play regular tournaments, and have achieved either a USTA ranking and/or are playing on their Varsity team. These players are anticipating playing College Tennis and play Open tournaments or have had previous College and tournament success.
Junior Ages typically 16+
Open Level 
USTA equivalent 4.5 
League Adult AA Level
SSV equivalent 160 - 200